Program and Coalition Health

Program and Coalition Health

This page provides resources for growing and sustaining your program or coalition.

Nine Habits of Successful Coalitions

Nine Habits of Successful Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalitions, 2nd Edition. The Nine Habits were developed utilizing information from evaluation of the attributes of high performing comprehensive cancer control (CCC) coalitions, real-life experiences of CCC coalitions over the past seven years, and a 2018 literature review. The Guide was made possible through the collaboration of the Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership, with leadership in development from Strategic Health Concepts and the American Cancer Society.

Nine Habits of Successful Coalitions Webinar

Nine Habits Webinar. This webinar discussed the recently updated guide entitled, Nine Habits of Successful Comprehensive Cancer Coalitions, 2nd Edition. The guide is a “must-have” resource because it helps to build the capacity of Comprehensive Cancer Control coalitions and other cancer-related organizations, from empowering leadership to setting and implementing priorities.

Funding for Your Coalition

Grant Funding. Researchers and clinicians play an important and invaluable role in comprehensive cancer control coalitions across the country. The ACS is the nation's largest private, not-for-profit source of funds for scientists studying cancer. Although the ACS primarily supports beginning investigators, grants are also available for clinical and/or research training of health professionals (nurses, physicians, and social workers).

Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition Survey Briefs

2019 CCC Coalition Survey Briefs. These briefs summarize the findings of a deeper look at the implementation priorities of coalitions and their training and technical assistance needs.

2016 CCC Program and Coalition Assessment

2016 CCC Program and Coalition Assessment. The purpose of this 2016 survey was to better understand the relationship of CRC and HPV stakeholder groups to CCC coalitions and state cancer plans. It explored how stakeholder groups operate and the evidence-based strategies being promoted by the groups. The survey topics included leadership, structure, goals, funding, staffing, interventions, and future plans.