Nutrition and Physical Activity

Nutrition and Physical Activity

This page contains resources to help providers to improve the quality of life of survivors through nutrition and physical activity changes.

Nutrition, Physical Activity, Body Weight, and Cancer Survivorship

This informational six-part series is appropriate for primary care and oncology healthcare providers working with cancer survivors during treatment, immediately after treatment, or during long-term survivorship.

The purpose of the series is to provide healthcare teams with information about nutrition, physical activity, and body weight for cancer survivors and to provide resources that can be used with patients who are cancer survivors.

This program meets the Survivorship Program Standard 4.8 requirements from the Commission on Cancer (CoC), American College of Surgeons. As part of CoC standard 4.8, the survivorship program team determines a list of services and programs that address the needs of cancer survivors, which may include seminars for survivors, and which is included in this toolkit.