About ACS Comprehensive Cancer Control

About ACS Comprehensive Cancer Control

Our Team

Shafir Sarah photo

Sarah Shafir
Principal Investigator

Bathje Katie photo

Katie Bathje
Strategic Director

Gayle Bagley Photo

Gayle Bagley
Director, Comprehensive Cancer Control

Sylvester Kaitlin photo

Kaitlin Sylvester
Director, National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable
Programs and Partnerships

Image of Donoria Evans

Donoria Evans
Director, Data & Evaluation

Our Vision

Technical Assistance and Training

Our vision is to provide Technical Assistance and Training (TAT) to enhance the capacity of your Comprehensive Cancer Control program or coalition in the following areas:

  • Coalition needs assessment
  • Program evaluation 
  • Communicating data effectively 
  • Cancer plan development and implementation 
  • Coalition development and sustainability 

Delivery Formats

These are the formats we use to deliver technical assistance and training:

  • Provide one-on-one consultations
  • Facilitate linkages among programs
  • Connect coalitions with subject matter experts
  • Identify and share evidence-based best practices
  • Share research and resources
  • Assist in communicating data effectively
  • Provide interactive webinars
  • Provide online courses
  • Provide coalition trainings
  • Provide in-person workshops (on hold for COVID-19)