80% by 2018 Colorectal Cancer Forum

80% by 2018 Colorectal Cancer Forum

The 80% by 2018 Colorectal Cancer Forum was held in Atlanta on September 16-17, 2015.

Forum Agenda and Forum Teams Report

Forum Presentations

Morning Session Presentation; Lisa Richardson, MD, MPH; CDC
Increasing Colon Cancer Screening in Community Health Centers; Richard Wender, MD
Planning and Implementing Strategies to Increase CRC Screening; MariaSyl DeLa Cruz, MD
Improving Rates of Colorectal Cancer Screening in Community Health Centers Through a Toolkit-Facilitator Approach; Bryan Weiner, PhD
Finding Non-Traditional Allies for CRC Screening; Gloria Coronado, PhD
Screening Support Systems in Rural Community-based Hospitals; James Hotz, MD
Colorectal Cancer Screening: Enhancing Partnerships; Lynn Butterly, MD
Developing and Sustaining Partnerships and Coalitions; Frances Butterfoss, PhD
Steps for Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates: A Manual for Community Health Centers; MariaSyl DeLa Cruz, MD
Implementing a Quality Screening Navigation Program; Lynn Butterly, MD
California Colorectal Cancer Coalition (C4); Sandra Robinson, MBA
Kentucky Colon Cancer Prevention Project; Whitney Jones, MD
Working with Hospitals to Improve Screening Delivery; Michael Sarap, MD
Tested Messages to Reach the Unscreened; Mary Doroshenk, MA
Make it Your Own: Moving Patients to Screening; Nikki Spencer, MSW, MPH
The Importance of Stool Occult Blood Tests in Getting to 80%; Durado Brooks, MD, MPH
Research-Tested Intervention Programs; Veronica Chollette, MS, RN
Enhancing Local Implementation of Cancer Control Efforts: Partnering with Local Health Departments; Brandie Adams, MPH
Implementing Stool Based Testing and FluFIT Stool Tests; Durado Brooks, MD, MPH
The Flu-FIT Program: An Effective Colorectal Cancer Screening Intervention; Michael Potter, MD
DRVS: UDS Colorectal Cancer Screening Quality Improvement Initiative; Diana Erani, MBA
Helping Health Centers Strive for 80x2018; Sandra Cafarchio
How to Design and Refine Effective EMR Tools for CRC Screening; Gloria Coronado, PhD
Make it Your Own: Effectively Using Screening Messages for the Unscreened; Matthew Kreuter, PhD
Colorectal Cancer Screening Among American Indians and Alaska Natives; Donald Haverkamp, MPH
Keys to Success; Stephen Taplin, MD, MPH

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